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Species of spaces in NYC


Species of spaces in NYC

The Windows of New York, an illustrated website project by Josè Guizar.


All the building of New York, an illustrated blog – then published book by James Gulliver Hancock.


NYC TYPE, stylish pictures taken by Luke Connolly.


New Type York, a types photo collection by James Patrick Gibson.


 NYC Type, a website built around community-sourced content.


Glad to notice I’m in good company with people like me who look into the ordinary. With the desired habit of drawing, designing, taking photos, talking about the things that fill our daily life, we are getting a better knowing, a deeper awareness of ourselves. At the same time, the ordinary is a neverending research, that reveals at every glance a new detail.
Talking about NYC then, everything seems to be less ordinary than anywhere else, but still… streets, signs, walls, buildings, windows, houses occupy the spaces we live in, the species of spaces.


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