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Strokes and fills


Strokes and fills

I have a favourite style when it comes to illustration. It has something to do with the use of strokes and fills in the drawings: the lines talks about the illustrator’s personal gesture and the fill of the elements is never to much. I’m always investigating this kind of approch and here I post some implementations I love in the different fields.



Pattern and design

Maija Louekari, finnish designer, visually wellknown because of the patterns she designs for Marimekko. The space in her composition is overstuffed by geometric shapes but the balance between multiple lines and a few fills gives you breath.

Julia Rothman, based in Brooklyn, NY, she mainly makes illustrations for design products, wallpapers and fabrics. The vintage elements she chooses to add in her work have often a black strokes and the juxtaposition of the elements is never banal but rather intriguing.



Editorial illustration

Olimpia Zagnoli, Italian illustrator who maily works for magazines. I particullary appreciate when she draws in black, filling only few areas with primary colours.



Childrens’ books

Philip Giordano, Italian illustrator based in Tokyo. He’s always seeking for new styles and testing new techniques, but this is probably the one I prefere. It really values the gesture of his marks. 




Claudia Boldt, British illustrator and author. Thin lines and pastel hues are the distinguish elements of her funny character designs.

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