Current favorite wine: Picus - Rosso Piceno by Simone Capecci

If it is true – as I strongly believe – that food is conviviality, what is wine then? It is sociality to the nth degree, knowledge, good humor.

Somewhere I read that wine is a bottled poem. Let’s not spoil it with anonymous and unimaginative labels. Illustrating a label – for a bottle of wine, a craft beer, a spirit or any other drink – helps to represent the universe of flavors, aromas and densities that characterize a product.

My services for the drink industry

Drink branding

Do you have the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching a beer, a wine, a spirit or any other drink on the market? I can help you build the most effective visual identity to communicate your drink.


A label doesn't have to scream to be noticed! Elegant and tailor-made solutions can be equally powerful in attracting the customer's attention and convincing them to buy. Through lettering, illustration and a good typographic composition, I can help you create a unique label.

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