Favorite dish of the moment: passatelli in brodo.

From grandmother’s traditional dishes to the first research on cooking and its rituals, from sharing culinary projects with friends from Papilla Brilla to my communication and illustration projects. Food, with its aesthetic and social forms, has always represented my point of view on the world.

Through tastings and projects, I learned to recognize and create the most suitable shapes, colors and metaphors to communicate food.

My services for the food industry

Food Branding

Do you have the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening a new restaurant, a bistro, a concept store or any other format? I can help you build the most effective visual identity to communicate your brand.

Food Packaging

Do you have a high quality product - a food, a drink - to place on the market? Designing a good packaging, from the design to the label, will help you communicate your brand consistently and achieve your goals.

Food Illustration

Do you have in mind a recipe, a product, a gastronomic territory to tell? Through detailed illustrations I can give a visual shape to your story.

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