Marella Escapism

Marella Escapism


Escapism is the SS23 capsule collection designed for Marella that describes the freedom and lightness of everyday escapes.

Glimpses of normal day-life become windows overlooking on distant lands and punging into infinite horizons.

A journey illustrated on 7 t-shirts, with lettering featuring waves and roses, sketched landscapes and stamps from imaginary countries.

A tangle of monuments, lights, thoughts, objects, moments, analogies from our landscape of the mind, which we seek out, even unconsciously, every time we look out a window, into the openness of the outside world, as if they were the points of an imaginary compass that indicates a possible direction.

– Luigi Ghirri

Always travelling with my mind but keeping my feet firmly planted, I find inspiration among every-day objects full of colours, scents, sounds and words which become part of my imagery.

Below you can see some steps of the creative process, from moodboards to sketches to application tests.

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