Marella ☾ Tiger Twist

Marella ☾ Tiger Twist

Tiger Twist

The tiger I illustrated for Marella is elegant, proud, but moves lightly in the world. Often she goes in a hurry because she is always looking for new perspectives to discover. She enjoys dancing in the moonlight, tickled by a wild and spontaneous vegetation like her.

The Tiger Twist Capsule, designed to celebrate the new Chinese Lunar New Year 2022 – the year of the tiger – is made of soft and decisive garments, on which printed and embroidered tigers take shape, accompanied by natural elements and lettering to sing out loud.

Illustrazioni Lucia Catellani

Fotografie Federico Sorrentino

Modella Lillian Conner

Animazioni Giorgia Ascolani

Stylist Lucia Grasselli

Design Ufficio Stile Marella

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