Currently reading: Niente di Vero di Veronica Raimo

There are authors, characters and fragments of stories that remain attached to my memory and inspire my action in the world. I see a thin red thread that links Italo Calvino’s characters with George Perec’s spieces of spaces, Bruno Munari’s fantasia with Federico Fellini’s dreams, Luigi Ghirri’s photographs with Giorgio Poi’s music. And so on.

I like to visualize imaginary paths, as I like to build a character design or draw the words of a title.

My services for publishing


I create editorial illustrations for magazines and newspapers. Food, lifestyle, travel are my favorite themes.

Book covers

Through lettering or illustration I design book covers for adults and children.

Books for adults

Books are a container of magnificent stories and to make them readable you need design and imagination. I can take care of both the graphic design and the illustrations of your book.

Children's books

Since 2010 I have been collaborating with the publishing house ZOOlibri, for the design of picture books, design and layout of the contents, lettering for the covers and internal pages. In 2020 I illustrated my first children's book for Constellate. I can't wait to illustrate other stories.

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